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The Different Brands of Suntan Lotion

The Different Brands of Suntan Lotion

What To Look For

Look for suntan lotions that have an SPF (sun protection factor) number printed on the bottle and are non-greasy. The level of SPF should correlate to the amount of time you will remain in the sun, the amount of melanin in your skin and whether your outside time will include any water-related activities such as swimming and water skiing.

Common Pitfalls

Sunscreens that have bronzing ingredients may cause an uneven suntan if you do not apply the lotion to your skin evenly. Due to the large amount of suntan products, locating a sunscreen that is water repellent, has a high enough sunscreen protection and also doesn't cause skin allergies may be a battle in itself.

Where To Buy

You can find sunscreen lotions in drugstore outlets, retail shops that sell beauty and skin care products such as Sally Beauty Supply, and grocery store chains. Stores that are close to local beaches may have highly expensive sunscreens, since the law of supply and demand will apply.


The average brands of sunscreens, such as Banana Boat, range in price from $6.95, while other sun protection lotions, such as Maui Babe, sell for 16.99. Sunscreens that have a higher SPF may be more expensive; however, most consumers readily accept the price to protect the skin from cancer causing agents.

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