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Mask from spots from garlic

Free From Acne with Garlic Masks. Thus, garlic can very well kill those bacteria and get to the root Garlic acne treatment how to use garlic as natural remedy for acne

 The few I know that the essential oil from garlic juice possesses excellent disinfecting and as antiseptic properties and very well helps to get rid of spots. At first signs of occurrence of spots, such as an annoying pain, an inflation under a skin, immediately put on the inflamed area a little fresh juice of garlic. And now you have a question how to receive juice from garlic? It very simply: you need to clear a small part of garlic, more precisely, it, so-called "sprocket" in the people and by means of a mortar to wring out it. Certainly, garlic juice has very unpleasant smell, but disinfecting, and antiseptic force of garlic juice is very great that is possible 2-3 minutes and to suffer. As to result, after use of juice from garlic that spots processed by it quickly enough dry up and therefore disappear.

The prescription of a mask from garlic from spots is simple enough:

You should crush very finely 2 ? 4 lobes of garlic and to impose the received meal on problem sites of a skin a dense bed. To hold such mask from spots from garlic it is necessary about 20-25 minutes. Well and to gain larger effect from such mask it is necessary to do this procedure every day, in the morning and in the evening, some hours prior to a dream. As what not to put a mask on all face it is possible to wipe simply garlic juice of a place with spots. Such procedure it is possible, to reduce quantity of spots and probably and at all to get rid of spots on a body.

Why garlic has such taste and so smells?

Taste and garlic smell are caused by the maintenance in it of an essential oil which structure includes sulfur. Its bonds kill microorganisms. This property of garlic juice amplifies phitonsids. Garlic juice is the best bactericidal substance. There are potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus contain in garlic juice. Garlic is very strongly rich with iron (it even richer than a beet), manganese, zinc, and iodine and still copper too. The garlic structure includes such vitamins as: "C" and "B", nicotinic acid. Green garlic feathers contain carotene, vitamin "C" several times more than bulbs. Therefore treatment of spots by means of a mask from garlic effectively enough.

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