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Astigmatism: definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatment Astigmatism: definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatment Astigmatism: definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatment

 Astigmatism: Definition

The astigmatic eye has a vague vision of near and far. It does not distort the horizontal, vertical or oblique.

Astigmatism: Causes

A lack of curvature of the cornea is the main cause of astigmatism.The human cornea is not perfectly spherical, a discreet astigmatism (less than one diopter) is physiological. Astigmatism greater is a limiting factor and visual discomfort. Astigmatism can be primitive, natural or idiopathic or may be acquired, post-traumatic or postoperative disease (secondary to disease of the cornea).

Astigmatism: Symptoms

The uncorrected astigmatism, especially when it is important is responsible for visual fatigue sometimes described as an 'eye strain' by a patient who seeks to partially occlude her eyelids.Straight lines are vertical and horizontal views with unequal clarity.This can be objectified by the confusions of letters or rag characteristics depending on the type of astigmatism (N instead of H, 8 instead of 6) and numbers of distance visual acuity vary depending on the state of fatigue. Astigmatism can be isolated or associated with hyperopia or myopia. Thus, a subject may be nearsighted and astigmatism, presbyopia and still become ...

Astigmatism: Prevention

It is impossible to prevent astigmatism from against you suspect to be achieved, see an eye doctor. With age, astigmatism increases.If your astigmatism is getting worse quickly, immediately see this could be a keratoconus, a disease more serious to be treated quickly.

Astigmatism: review

The astigmatism is typically measured by a keratometer (optical instrument that projects sights on the front of the cornea which acts as a convex mirror and will give an image with any deformation to quantify astigmatism).

Astigmatism: Treatment

The correction of astigmatism with glasses whose lenses are cylindrical. However, it can not be corrected by spectacle lenses astigmatism important because the glass produced a major optical distortion. The spherical soft contact lenses can correct astigmatism low.

Astigmatism: Evolution

Astigmatism is relatively stable. If one adds eye disease that distorts the cornea astigmatism can worsen over time. Uncorrected astigmatism important in young children can be a source of amblyopia (low vision).

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