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Anxiety neurosis

Anxiety neurosis: definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatment Anxiety neurosis: definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatment

 Anxiety neurosis: Definition

Anxiety neurosis is a neurosis loose which is characterized by a painful feeling of expectation, of imminent danger and fear irrelevant. Anxiety is not a pathological phenomenon in itself because it is constitutive of the very existence (existential anxiety) but its repetition, its irrationality, its intensity that makes it pathological. Also called 'generalized anxiety disorder' in its diffuse and chronic (over 6 months), it can sometimes take a paroxysmal character in panic attack.

Anxiety neurosis: causes

A sense of insecurity felt in childhood as early relational ruptures can participate in the establishment of an anxiety neurosis.According to psychoanalytic theory, anxiety is linked to the fear of castration, that is to miss or lose something or someone important to you. There is also anxious transient reactions following a traumatic event or accumulation of stress and fatigue. Finally, some thyroid disease or heart may occur initially by the anxiety but the absorption of substances such as caffeine, nicotine or other stimulants also can promote the expression of feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety neurosis: symptoms

Among the psychological symptoms, there is the painful feeling of expectation, insecurity or imminent danger, an inability to remain calm, a state of generalized excitability with excessive startle response, difficulty concentrating, irritability, negative anticipation of the future. Somatic symptoms are very varied: palpitations, rapid heart beat for the heart, choking sensation, tightness, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, frequent urination, dry mouth, flushing, sweating, feeling of choking, dizziness, tingling in the feet and hands, muscle tension, tremors, sleep disturbances.

Anxiety neurosis: Prevention

Prevention is a healthy lifestyle with stress reduction and stress, adequate sleep (at least 8 hours), a reduction in nervous excitement, regular exercise. Finally, in case of psychological trauma, sharing feelings with someone affects the environment or health professional can provide good prevention of chronic anxiety in development work on what has been experienced.

Anxiety neurosis: review

- Clinical examination (taking blood pressure, auscultation, abdominal palpation ...)
- Blood
- Electrocardiogram

Anxiety neurosis: Treatment

Faced with a severe anxiety, your doctor may suggest relaxation sessions, behavioral therapy and / or cognitive, a psychoanalytically inspired psychotherapy. Medication or herbal anti-anxiety drug may be prescribed depending on the extent of anxiety disorder in a short period (one month) as part of a follow-up psychotherapy. Panic attacks are sometimes treated with antidepressants.

Anxiety neurosis: Evolution

In their acute and chronic forms, the anxiety neuroses can lead to depressive decompensation exhaustion, or to more structured neuroses as a phobia or obsessive. In its fight against anxiety, the patient will eventually be tempted by the soothing substances such as drugs, alcohol, drugs sometimes leading to the alcoholism or addiction. The somatic manifestations of anxiety will often be multiple and expensive medical investigations or even unnecessary surgery.

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