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Angioedema - definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatments, evolution, Angioedema - definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatments, evolution, Angioedema - definition, causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatments, evolution,

 Angioedema: definition

Angioedema is a particular aspect of urticaria on the mucous membranes (mouth, throat, genitals). This is an allergic reaction accompanied by a swelling appears under the skin (subcutaneous).

Angioedema: causes

Three types of allergens are mainly involved: food, drugs, and insect bites (bees and wasps).

Angioedema: symptoms

Angioedema is a swelling of the lips, eyelids and sometimes genitals. There is some redness and some itching. The swelling can be very impressive and cause difficulty breathing or even death of the patient.

Angioedema: Prevention

The only prevention is to identify the allergen that caused the swelling. But it remains unknown in many cases.

Angioedema: review

In the case of a first outbreak of hives, there is generally no review to be done. The examination of the patient enough to find the allergen.

Angioedema: Treatments

The angioedema requires emergency treatment (especially when there is difficulty breathing). It consists of cortisone injection, fast action, often associated with adrenaline. When the generalized edema evolves, it is necessary to transport the patient in intensive care in an emergency. It is also necessary to remove the causes that could be causing this allergy by performing a medical investigation in search of allergens (factors that could cause an allergy) in the daily life of the patient. However, these allergens are often not identified.

Angioedema: Evolution

Angioedema resolves spontaneously in two weeks. With each new intake of the allergen, the lesions will recur immediately, sometimes in a more severe form. When angioedema affects the throat, swelling can cause breathing difficulties, or very rarely a complete blockage of the breathing with the patient's risk of death.In the case of severe allergic reaction, there may, rarely, anaphylactic shock. This happens especially with insect bites in persons already allergic.

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