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Acute renal failure

Acute renal failure - causes, symptoms, treatments Acute renal failure - causes, symptoms, treatments Acute renal failure - causes, symptoms, treatments

 Acute renal failure: definition

Acute renal failure (ARF) is the sudden loss of kidney function.Every minute, the kidneys filter about one liter of blood and produce urine to eliminate waste from the body (thus preventing the accumulation of toxins in the blood). They also make hormones that occur on other body functions, such as red blood cell production and regulation of blood pressure. They also regulate the concentration of certain minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium ...) and the amount of water in the body.
In acute renal failure, kidneys suddenly stop working. This leads to a profound imbalance in the body including salt and water, the difficulties of regulating blood pressure ...
Acute renal failure is reversible and can heal very well. It depends on the cause and the speed of processing.
It is a medical emergency.

Acute renal failure: causes

The causes of acute renal failure are many. Include:

- The functional renal failure: the kidney is healthy, but only produces almost no urine because it receives no blood at sufficient pressure. This is accompanied by a fall in blood pressure. This condition is due to heavy bleeding, a severe shock, severe dehydration (heat stroke, extensive burns, diarrhea and frequent vomiting and important ...), inappropriate diuretic therapy, heart failure (heart does not pump enough blood toward the kidneys), ...

- Acute renal failure caused by organic destruction of one of the constituents of the kidney that provides filtration of blood. It is caused by hemorrhagic shock after surgery, sepsis, obstructed labor, a transfusion of incompatible blood, alcohol poisoning, heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic ...), secondment or industrial solvent,allergy medication (anti-inflammatory, some antibiotics, iodine-based products used in radiography ...), an autoimmune disease (the body produces antibodies against its own tissues) ...

- Acute renal failure due to obstruction of a urinary stone, tumor, fibrosis ... that prevents normal elimination of urine.

Acute renal failure: symptoms

At first, it is often the sign of the dominant cause. Then the very significant reduction in the volume of urine (often zero anyway) appears. The person hardly urinate, or because the bladder is empty, either because it can not empty her bladder.

Other problems are noted as digestive disorders (nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting ...), an alteration of general health with weight loss, headache, agitation, confusion, coma an increase in blood pressure, blood in the urine, pain on palpation of the kidneys ...

Acute renal failure: prevention

It is possible every day to prevent some causes such as dehydration. In this case, it is important to ensure an adequate fluid intake for those at risk such as infants, children and the elderly.

Other causes as a reaction to medication can be prevented by being monitored regularly by his doctor. This reduces the risk of side effects of certain anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, diuretic ... that can block kidney function.

If you are about (your) to urinary stones, remember to carefully follow the advice of a specialist.

Acute renal failure: review

This is an emergency because the kidney stops functioning abruptly, it unbalanced the body. Diagnosis is based on blood and urine analysis and imaging, renal ultrasound, CT or MRI. This test is designed to observe the damage of the kidney and in the case of acute renal failure functional, organic or obstacle.

Acute renal failure: treatment

Acute renal failure is treated in hospital and depends on the cause.For example:

- In case of obstruction, surgery to remove it (calculus, tumor, ...) is required.

- In case of bleeding or dehydration, correction of problems with water infusions or blood transfusion heals acute renal failure and prevents the transition to chronic renal failure.

Dialysis may be considered when there is high blood pressure, neurological disorders, heart failure ...

Acute renal failure: evolution

It depends on the cause. If the kidney is perfused or if the obstacle is removed quickly, renal function recovered completely. In other cases, the prognosis can be very bad and lead to death from high blood pressure, heart failure, pulmonary edema or other complication.

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