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Acute musculoskeletal members of the Child

Acute musculoskeletal Acute musculoskeletal Acute musculoskeletal

 Acute musculoskeletal members of the Child: definition

The acute musculoskeletal members is the invasion of one end of bone (osteomyelitis) or joints (arthritis) by a microbe.
This is an emergency because it can leave serious sequelae.

Acute musculoskeletal members of the child: causes

The germ (bacteria, parasite or fungus) in question is provided by the blood that nourishes the growth plate (osteomyelitis) or joints (arthritis).
It sets, develops and gradually destroys the bone ends or articular cartilage.
Even without knowing the exact role of this factor, there is often a notion of trauma in osteomyelitis.

Acute musculoskeletal members of the Child: symptoms

In typical forms:
Osteomyelitis most often affects a 6 year old boy who suddenly complained of debilitating pain (he starts to limp) located at a metaphysis (near the knee or below elbow).
Appears quickly fever. The joint can move.
Arthritis affects a child, boy or girl around 6 years, which is bad knee or hip, and can not walk.
She is accompanied by fever. It is impossible to move the joint.
There are less obvious forms, especially the very young child.
The existence of a starting point for other infectious (urinary tract infection, infected wound of the foot or hand, etc..) Should be sought.

Diseases whose symptoms are similar?

Any lameness may sound like a bone and joint infection.
So always check the temperature of a child begins to limp.
Trauma of an ordinary member may prevent or impede the march for some time. But there is no fever.
Some beginner rheumatism in children may be by arthritis. But there is rarely a fever, and other more specific signs complete the picture.
There are more specific diseases, preferentially affecting the hip, and often linked to strain or birth defects.
Some viral infections give lameness with fever, they give spontaneously but are retained only if the bacterial infection is eliminated.

Acute musculoskeletal members of the child: prevention

It is important to treat any bacterial infection, regardless of its location, because the risk of germs swarming remotely, via the arterial circulation, is still possible.
When antimicrobial therapy is prescribed, it is important to take it to the end.

Acute musculoskeletal members of the child exams

At clinical examination, the doctor may feel the painful area.
It will locate the red hot and painful swelling at the metaphysis or otherwise directly to the joint.
A blood test will show signs of inflammation and a significant increase in white blood cells.
X-rays of the region concerned (at least two impacts) do not show much at first.
Ultrasound can note an abscess glued to the bone, or thick fluid in the joint (hip).
Other images can be performed in rare cases complications such as bone scan or MRI.
Puncture can be made (a type of shot) to remove the fluid in the joint.

Acute musculoskeletal members of the Child: Treatments

Treatment should be instituted urgently, usually in hospital.

Various samples will be carried out to identify the germ and its sensitivity to antibiotics. We will start antibiotic treatment rather intravenously.
Immobilization of the limb in a cast may be helpful to relieve pain and prevent the onset of fixed stiffness in a bad position.
In the particular case of arthritis, a discharge of pus, followed by washing of the joint is often necessary.

What should you do?
Never ignore a lameness or pain of a member when a child has a fever at the same time.

Acute musculoskeletal members of the child development

Untreated osteomyelitis destroyed the growth plate (metaphysis), which will prevent the leg to grow properly.
Untreated, arthritis will damage the relationship that will hinder its smooth operation.
But treated in time with treatment followed through, the effects are very rare.

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