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Acute bronchopathy

Acute bronchopathy - causes, symptoms, prevention, testing, treatments

 Bronchopathy Acute definition

The lung is a place for gas exchange between inspired air and blood.
The trachea is divided like the branches of a tree in the bronchi of decreasing diameter (the smallest are called bronchioles) to cell types of small bags of mucosa which is the exchange between air and blood.
A distinction is based on the number of affected tissue disease groups:
- The acute bronchitis which correspond to an inflammation of the lining of the bronchi.
- The bronchiolitis or inflammation affecting small distal airways.
- The alveolitis (pneumonia) with filling of alveoli with inflammatory fluid.
- Damage to the alveolar wall are responsible for pneumonia (pneumonia) said pore.

Bronchopathy Acute causes

The different structures of the lung may be attacked by microbes (fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria), toxic (radiation, gas, dust, tobacco) or be the site of allergic reactions (asthma ...).

Bronchopathy Acute symptoms

The sudden onset of lung diseases involve multiple symptoms.
- Cough, which may be dry or oily with sputum (phlegm) which may be streaked with red blood. - Difficulty breathing (dyspnea). - Pain in the chest. - A fever of varying importance.

Bronchopathy acute: prevention

Smoking has adverse effects on the respiratory system. Thus, 50% of tobacco-related deaths are due to respiratory diseases.
Furthermore, inhalation can affect children (passive smoking) and increases the risks of pollution.
Tobacco, apart from its long-term toxic effects, reduces the capacity for self cleaning of the lung and causes a narrowing of small airways (especially in asthmatics).
He is a contributing factor of lung infections by increasing the vulnerability of the lung and bronchial congestion.

Bronchopathy Acute tests

- Observe the breath, especially the movements of the thorax,
- Search a difference in tone (the character Matt on percussion) that evokes the presence of fluid in the lung or in its envelope (pleura).
- Auscultation with a stethoscope chest and analyzes the sound heard during breathing (friction, wind ...).
- Search a blue coloration of the skin is a sign of insufficient oxygenation of the blood.

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