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How to Prevent Stretch Marks With Almond Oil

How to Prevent Stretch Marks With Almond Oil How to Prevent Stretch Marks With Almond Oil


Stretch marks occur when skin becomes pulled extremely tight in a relatively short time period, resulting in tearing of the deeper skin layers. Stretch marks may develop as a result of rapid growth or weight gain, as well as certain health conditions or diseases, such as diabetes, pregnancy or Cushing's syndrome. Dr. James Balch, co-author of "Prescription for Nutritional Healing," suggests that you use a blend of sweet almond oil and mandarin essential oil daily to prevent stretch marks, especially those arising during pregnancy. These oils are sold at natural health centers or online herbal stores.

Step 1

Pour ½ cup of sweet almond oil into a measuring cup, then into a small glass bowl. Place 50 drops of mandarin essential oil in the bowl. Stir the mixture for two to four minutes.

Step 2

Dip your fingers into the almond oil mixture and rub the oil gently into your skin using slow, circular motions. Use enough oil to dampen the skin, and rub it into each area for several minutes. Concentrate on problem areas, which vary depending on the cause of your stretch marks.

Step 3

Apply the oil mixture to your skin once daily, preferably before going to bed, which gives it enough time to soak into your skin completely. Applying the oil after a bath or shower helps it soak into the skin more quickly, since the pores are opened up.

Step 4

Store leftover massage oil in a dark-colored, covered glass jar, keeping it in a closed cupboard or cabinet out of direct sunlight.

Step 5

Consult with your primary care doctor if you have any questions regarding stretch marks or if you develop signs of skin problems, such as a rash, while using this stretch mark oil on your skin.

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