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Exercises for Pregnant Women to Avoid Stretch Marks

Exercises for Pregnant Women to Avoid Stretch Marks Exercises for Pregnant Women to Avoid Stretch Marks Exercises for Pregnant Women to Avoid Stretch Marks

For pregnant women, stretch marks are a bane but not out of the ordinary. Also known as striae, stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched beyond its limits, causing a breakdown of collagen. This leaves blue, pink, red or silver streaks across the skin. Oftentimes, these marks are permanent. That's why the best way to deal with stretch marks is to avoid them altogether, says the website MayoClinic. Exercise is one such way to accomplish this.


Perform cardiovascular activities to maintain a healthy weight and prevent excess stretching of the skin on your abdomen. Low-impact exercises are essential. Perform an activity you enjoy at least three times a week such as walking or swimming.

Weight Training

Lift light weights a few times a week. Weight and strength training helps to build muscle. This process increases your metabolic rate and can prevent you from gaining more pounds than you need to. Try carrying hand weights when you go for a walk or doing bicep curls.

Yoga and Pilates

Take a yoga or Pilates class to tone your body and prevent stretch marks. Make sure the class is designed for expecting mothers, as some Pilates and yoga positions are not appropriate during pregnancy. These exercises promote overall fitness that can reduce unnecessary weight gain and the possibility of stretch marks.

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