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Creams to Avoid Stretch Marks

Creams to Avoid Stretch Marks Creams to Avoid Stretch Marks Creams to Avoid Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the skin, or Striae gravidarum, can be caused when your body shape changes, through sudden weight gain or loss as well as muscle building and pregnancy. Many women use shea butter and other moisturizers to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Clinical studies show no significant improvement in stretch marks when using certain creams. Some women, however, attest to their effectiveness. If you want to try a cream, there are several on the market with varying ingredients.


Trofolastin is a cream produced by Novartis that contains Centella asiatica extract, alpha tocopherol and collagen-elastin hydrolysates. A randomized, independent trial of 80 pregnant women was conducted to determine Trofolastin's effects on the prevention of stretch marks. The study found that the women using Trofolastin developed less stretch marks than the control group. Trofolastin is available online; talk to your doctor before trying this product.


Another product mentioned by is Verum. This antistretch mark ointment contains tocopherol, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, elastin and menthol. It was also used in an independent trial of 50 women; participants either massaged the ointment into their skin or received no treatment. According to the results, women that used the ointment had less occurrence of stretch marks.

Trentinoin Cream

Tretinoin cream, according to a 2001 study published in "Advances in Dermatology," can help improve stretch marks. The study found that topical applications of .1 percent tretinoin cream significantly reduced stretch marks. The Revitol brand utilizes tretinoin in its product formulated for stretch marks. It also contains squalene oil, derived from olive oil, that is purported to be close in composition to the oil secreted by human skin. The ointment also has DL-Penthenol-pro-vitamin B5, which may work to improve the structure of the lower and upper dermis, or skin layers. Grapefruit seed oil is also included in the formulation for its ability to reduce infection and inflammation. The company recommends rubbing the ointment into skin twice daily, allowing time to penetrate.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

A January 2010 study published in the "International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics" found that cocoa butter does not prevent stretch marks. However, this fact does not dissuade women from trying it. Palmer's cocoa butter has been on the market for years, and is an all-natural product with that exotic, coconut scent. It contains cocoa butter, shea butter, collagen, elastin and vitamin E, which work to keep skin hydrated in order to retain moisture and elasticity. This cream, with its moisturizers, provides relief from skin dryness associated with pregnancy.


Another product that has not been found to prevent stretch marks but is marketed towards pregnant women is Elastin3. Although it is formulated more toward reducing the look of existing stretch marks, the company does claim it can help prevent them as well. It is made of elastin, collagen and soy extract as well as a substance called acetyl hexapeptide, also known as Argireline. Argireline is derived from amino acids, and the company states it has been proven to reduce surface muscle contractions and diminish the length and depth of stretch marks. One study in the October 2002 issue of "International Journal of Cosmetic Science" found that argireline is a "non-toxic, antiwrinkle peptide" that emulates the action of currently used botulism neurotoxins, or botox.

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