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What Are Two Ways to Care for Your Skin Each Day?

What Are Two Ways to Care for Your Skin Each Day? What Are Two Ways to Care for Your Skin Each Day? What Are Two Ways to Care for Your Skin Each Day?

A daily skin care routine like the one described here promotes healthy skin, minimizes wrinkles, and may protect against skin cancer. Your lifestyle can have a significant effect on your skin, as well. Care for your skin by drinking plenty of water, eating a well-balanced diet, managing your stress and quit--or don't start--smoking to keep your skin smooth, supple and glowing.


Daily cleansing keeps your skin healthy by removing excess oil, dirt and bacteria that can lead to clogged pores or acne. Use a mild cleanser, since harsh soap can strip too much oil from your skin and dry it out. Hot water can also be drying, so keep your baths or showers short and use warm or lukewarm water.


Moisturizer seals water into your skin, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents dryness and flaking. Apply moisturizer to damp skin after you've showered and patted--not rubbed--your skin dry with a soft clean towel. You may prefer to use a different, lighter moisturizer for your face than for your body. Use a moisturizer that has sunscreen to block the sun's damaging rays. Protecting your skin from sun exposure may be the most important aspect of your skin care regimen.


Once every week or two, depending on your skin, exfoliate to remove dead skin and reduce fine lines. Commercial exfoliating masks or scrubs contain gritty particles such as finely ground apricot kernels that slough off loose skin cells. Loofahs or net sponges will also remove dead skin, but may be too harsh to use on your face.

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