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Skin Care Benefits of Liposomes

Skin Care Benefits of Liposomes Skin Care Benefits of Liposomes Skin Care Benefits of Liposomes

When you hear that a product has liposomes it means there are microscopic lipid, or fat, sacs in it. These sacs have a structure that is similar to your skin cell membranes. Drug and cosmetics companies place ingredients they want to deliver to your skin inside these sacs. The sacs' properties, including their shape, size and electric charge, allow them to be absorbed into your skin cells where the ingredients they carry are released. This has many benefits in skin care.

Drug Delivery

Liposomes hold topical drugs such as antifungal, antibiotic and anesthetic medicines and hair growth stimulants intact and deliver them to your skin. They also enhance the drugs' penetration into your skin's deeper layers, says D.D. Verma, lead author for a study published in the "European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics." Such drugs may be applied in aerosol, cream and gel form. Liposomes are especially helpful in sustained release formulations for drugs such as cortisones, says D.D. Lasic in "The Handbook of Biological Physics." Since liposomes can be made from natural substances, they are unlikely to be allergens and are non-toxic, notes Lasic.

Cosmetic Ingredient Effects

Liposomes are widely used in the cosmetics industry, says Paula Begoun author of "The Original Beauty Bible." Liposomes' benefits in cosmetic use are similar to those in drug applications. Cosmetics manufacturers say lipids are good at entrapping active ingredients in anti-aging and other skin creams, sunscreen, make-up and after shave, according to Lasic. Such ingredients include antioxidants, vitamins and self-tanning agents. They also are used as delivery agents for moisturizers, skin soothers, herbal ingredients and substances like hyaluronic acid. Liposomes are especially useful in anti-aging products, notes Daniel B. Yarosh in "The New Science of Perfect Skin," because they deliver enzymes exactly where they need to go to help repair damaged DNA.

Emollient Properties

In addition to being good carriers of other ingredients, liposomes are advantageous in and of themselves because they can reduce skin's dryness. That's because they help replenish the skin's lipid content, says Lasic. They also supply linolenic acid, which is a good skin emollient. An emollient prevents water loss in skin and has softening and soothing effects on skin, says Begoun.

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