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Proactiv Solution Skin Care

Proactiv Solution Skin Care


The exact cause of acne is not clear, but genes, hormones, stress and menstruation, along with excess oil, clogged pores, bacteria and inflammation are all factors that cause breakouts. With hundreds of over-the-counter skin care treatments, it can become overwhelming if you're trying to choose the right skin care regimen to control acne. Proactiv Solution is a three-part acne treatment system that has been heavily promoted with celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams and Katy Perry.


Proactiv Solution is a three-step regimen consisting of a medicated "renewing cleanser" that contains benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide increases the skin cell turn over rate, which clears pores and kills acne-causing bacteria. This is followed by an alcohol-free toner to remove any remaining oil left on the skin. The third step is another benzoyl peroxide application in the form of a light cream. You apply this twice a day, followed by moisturizer. Proactive sells a tea-tree moisturizer that the company says reduces redness. The moisturizer is sold separately. Proactiv advises using it sulfa skin mask twice a week for added effectiveness, which is also sold separately.

Time Frame

Proactiv Solution solution provides a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Acne treatments normally takes four to eight weeks to see results, notes the American Academy of Dermatology. Treatment for acne needs to be continuous, so if and when your acne clears, you need to continue using the products.

Size and Cost

A package of the three-step skin regimen from Proactiv lasts for one month and costs about $30, depending on whether you order from the website or purchase it from a kiosk.


The use of Proactiv Solution is said to treat acne and prevent future outbreaks. The system gets mixed reviews, with some users claiming Proactive worked for them for years and then stopped. Because acne occurs for different reasons, topical products may not always work. If you see no improvement, see a dermatologist who can prescribe a number of different topical and oral medications to treat acne.


Proactiv has a membership program, called ActivMember, which automatically sends you a new supply of the three-step system each month. Membership comes with discounted pricing on the product line, which includes overnight treatments and body treatments.

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