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Homeopathic Skin Care

Homeopathic Skin Care Homeopathic Skin Care


The use of homeopathic medicine to treat common ailments of skin is a regular practice of homeopaths and naturopathic physicians all over the world. Using homeopathy internally or externally in different preparations is an effective way to enable your body to promote healing for a radiant, even-toned complexion. Homeopathy works on the principal of "Like heals like", which means that if a substance might cause blotchy skin, that same substance, in a homeopathic preparation, tends to heal the condition of blotchy skin. Always consult with your caregiver of choice before using any homeopathic medicine for skin care.

Homeopathic First Aid for Skin

Naturopathic doctors recommend including homeopathic Calendula cream to address skin issues such as bug bites, burns, sores, non-fungal eruptions, cuts and scrapes. Including homeopathic Arnica salve in a first aid kit is said to be extremely useful for sprains, strains, and internal or external bruising. Both Calendula and Arnica can be taken in homeopathic tablet form as a sub-lingual medicine to affect skin health as well. Always contact your doctor or visit a nearby emergency room for serious first aid issues.

Internal Remedies

When dealing with skin care, it is important to find the best homeopathic preparation for the condition to be treated. A homeopath or naturopathic physician trained in homeopathy can be an effective resource when trying to discern the desired remedy. Doctors Robert and Judyth Ullman, authors of "Homeopathic Self Care," encourage the use of a homeopathic home kit to reduce costs and make available a range of remedies helpful for a variety of ailments including skin conditions.

External Application

According to master herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, there are many homeopathic preparations available for skin care that can be applied externally. These creams, oils and salves have homeopathic medicine infused into carrier oils for penetration directly into the dermal layer of skin for immediate effects. You can find quality homeopathic skin care products at a health food store or online.


Homeopathic medicine should promote healing of skin issues within one to three days, except in the case of homeopathic Silica, wherein healing may take up to two weeks. Any skin condition which is very inflamed or painful may indicate a need for medical attention.

Skin Infections

Skin infections can lead to more serious complications such as systemic blood infection, or septicemia. Septicemia symptoms include high fever and red streaks extending from the infected area; these symptoms indicate a life threatening situation that should be treated by a medical doctor immediately. Do not attempt to treat this type of skin condition with homeopathy alone.

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