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Holistic Skin & Body Care

Holistic Skin & Body Care Holistic Skin & Body Care


The Environmental Working Group says that 99 percents of cosmetics and skin care products are not reviewed for safety and that 74 percent of all personal skin care formulas contain carcinogens, allergenic toxics, dermatogens, mutagens, reproductive and developmental toxins. There also are penetration enhancers that drive these ingredients through five layers of skin to infiltrate the blood stream. So, you may conclude that natural herbal alternatives for skin care should be considered.

Floral Scrub

Author Stephanie Tourles promotes the use of an herbal skin scrub twice a week to remove stubborn dead skin. Use a food processor to combine one part organic rolled oats, dried lavender, calendula flowers, chamomile flowers and rose petals. Add one part cornmeal, two parts green or white facial clay, and one part sea salt. Mix the ingredients and store in an air-tight jar. To one spoonful of the floral scrub, add one drop rosemary essential oil, one drop extra virgin olive oil, and enough warm water to make a paste. Apply to moist skin in a circular motion. Leave on for several minutes before rinsing with tepid water.

Herbal Hydration

Create a hydrating mist with the use of healing flower waters. Create a strong tea, or infusion, from hot water combined with lavender, green tea, rose, calendula or orange blossoms and allow to cool. Pour infusion through a sieve into a misting bottle and use as needed to refresh your skin throughout the day.

Dry Skin

An emollient skin moisturizer can be created with coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil and rose essential oil. Combine the oils by gently melting together and adding a small amount of beeswax to increase density. If eczema is present, your skin may benefit from the addition of tea tree essential oil.

Holistic Blemish Care

When dealing with oily or blemished skin, Add 10 drops lavender essential oil to calendula infused extra virgin olive oil. Apply two drops to freshly cleaned skin twice a day. Adding this healing oil will help to balance oily skin, preventing breakouts and calming over-active oil production, says "The Aromatherapy Book."

Diet Matters

Naturopathic doctors work from the premise of optimal health being the manifestation of good self care, which begins with attention to diet. Eating foods rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids will ensure that your skin will radiate your health from the inside out. Flexible skin, even tone, and softness a baby would envy are all possible when you take what goes into your body seriously."

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