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Softball Cleat Care Tips

Softball Cleat Care Tips Softball Cleat Care Tips


Softball cleats are generally heavy-duty shoes, but they can wear down fairly fast if you don't take care of them. While the cleats are meant to stand up to abuse on the softball field, they can buckle, crack or wear down if you continue to abuse them after the game. Even keeping them on your feet after the game constitutes abuse, even with a quick walk through the parking lot.

Remove Them

Wearing your cleats off the softball field is asking for trouble. Softball cleat spikes, which are generally a hard synthetic material, get worn down if you wear them on pavement, linoleum or other hard surfaces. Wearing them on grass, carpet or other softer terrain might not wear down the spikes, but it could make you trip.

Clean Them

Cleaning your cleats after every game, especially if the soles are caked with dirt, is one way to prolong their life. Use a stick or other long object to scrape off the muck between the cleats. Finish off the soles with a shoe brush. A clean cloth works to wipe dust and dirt from the tops of your cleats, whether they are leather, synthetic or a combination. Clear dish soap lathered on a warm cloth can work to spruce up mesh on the shoe, but only if you use a gentle touch so you're not forcing the dirt deeper into the material.

Let Them Dry Naturally

Wet softball cleats need to air dry at their own pace. Don't use a hairdryer, clothes dryer or place them near a heating vent or radiator. The intense, focused heat might dry out your softball cleats more quickly, but it can also crack the leather or synthetic material. If your cleats are water-logged, stuff them with newspaper so they keep their shape while drying. It's also important to dry out the insides, too, when they become saturated with sweat. Remove the padded insole if possible to speed up the process.


Revamping your softball cleats with new insoles can help them last longer, as can treating leather cleats with a leather cleaner and conditioner. Surefire ways to ruin your softball cleats include trying to clean them in a washing machine and neglecting to untie them before you take them off. Constantly wrenching the cleats off by pushing on the back of the heel can eventually damage the heel area of the shoe.

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