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Home Child Care Tips

Home Child Care Tips Home Child Care Tips Home Child Care Tips

Deciding to place your child in someone else's care is hard enough. Trying to find a quality child care provider can be even harder. Many parents prefer to place their children in family child care, a day care located in someone's home, rather than a professional facility. A few steps and details can help you choose a home day care facility that is the best fit for you and your child.

Treat It Like a Job Interview

Wherever you place your child, you're going to be paying money for child care. As with any business transaction, you have the right to get all the information you need before making a final decision. You are essentially hiring the day care, so treat the selection process like a job interview. Request a formal interview with the owner as well as a walk-through of the home. Ask the owner to talk about her background and qualifications and to point out all the steps she has taken to ensure the safety and security children in her care.

Check National Accrediting Organizations

The National Association for Family Child Care is one of several organizations that accredits home child care facilities all across the United States. If you're looking for a facility that is going the extra mile to make parents feel safe and assured, one that has pursued professional accreditation may give you peace of mind. These organizations have safety and quality standards their members must meet, and they provide on-going training and support.

Look for the Little Things

Sometimes small details can actually be signs of bigger problems. Do a mental checklist as you tour home day care facilities. Check for frequent hand washing by the workers. Pay attention to where and how soiled diapers are handled. Note the ratio of children to child care providers. Pay special attention to any cleaners or other toxic chemicals left out where children can reach them. Make other observations and evaluations of the facility you consider for your child.

Do a Trial Visit

Once you've narrowed your list down to a few facilities, take a test run. Your child is ultimately the one who will have to spend all the time at the care center, so make sure he is comfortable with the environment, the caregivers and even the other children. Some aspects of the day care you hadn't considered could be uncovered with a preliminary test visit, such as your child's comfort level with the environment in the home or the child care providers. Some children react differently with different people, and doing a trial visit may be the only way to gauge your child's comfort level.

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