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Health Care for Women in Cincinnati, Ohio

Health Care for Women in Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati is Ohio's third-largest city and has hundreds of healthcare providers, including public clinics, private physicians and hospitals. If you are a woman living in Cincinnati, you can seek many types of healthcare services at these facilities, including medical procedures, tests and preventive care. You can benefit from the healthcare services in Cincinnati in terms of proximity, affordability and level of services.


As a woman in Cincinnati, Ohio, you can choose from many types of healthcare facilities to meet your needs, including gynecological, mental health, specialty care and general healthcare. Publicly funded facilities include the Cincinnati Health Department and the Veteran's Association Medical Center (VAMC).

The area also hosts many private medical facilities, such as doctors' offices. gynecological clinics and Planned Parenthood. In addition, Cincinnati has many hospitals, including University Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Deaconess Hospital and Bethesda North Hospital.


Women who need an abortion can contact the Cincinnati Women's Medical Center. This center provides medical and emotional counseling on abortion services and maintains on-site parking with secured entrances.

If you are a veteran, the VAMC provides services that include breast exams and mammography; gynecological exams; family planning and birth control; infertility treatments; counseling for sexual assault; and menopause treatment.

If you are a new mom, the Cincinnati Health Department provides training and education to new mothers by conducting home visits. You also can seek Women, Infants and Children (WIC) services at the Health Department.

You can be treated for urinary incontinence at Cincinnati's Women's Health Centers, which offer medical and surgical treatment of female incontinence as well as urinary stress incontinence testing.


The variety of healthcare services and facilities for women in Cincinnati allows you to choose based on preferences such as geographic location, proximity to home or work, hours of operation, scope of services, type of provider and cost. You might also consider other preferences, such as facilities with or without a religious affiliation, as institutions with a religious affiliation might not provide certain services, such as birth control or certain types of gynecological surgeries and services.


The large number of providers of healthcare in Cincinnati might lead to waiting times for appointments that are shorter than those in areas with few providers. In addition, if you are living in Cincinnati and lack medical insurance, you can still receive a wide variety of services at a reduced or no cost at publicly funded providers such as the Cincinnati Health Department.

The Health Alliance hospitals of Cincinnati are certified "Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospital Organizations." This means that they meet certain minimum standards for healthcare quality.


Protesters often picket or stand near abortion clinics. If you are seeking these services, you might encounter harassment or intimidation when approaching or entering these facilities.

Women without health insurance should contact providers before care is provided to find out the cost of the care; otherwise they might receive a large bill they cannot afford to pay.

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