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Diabetes Care Tips

Diabetes Care Tips

Diabetes is a condition in which the body either doesn't produce the insulin it needs or resists the insulin the body does produce. Although numerous treatments exist for this condition, ultimately your destiny and prognosis lies in your hands; it depends on how well you care for yourself and manage your condition.

Commit to Your Condition

To properly manage your condition, you need to make a full-fledged commitment to it. This means educating yourself as much as possible and following the advice and instructions of the health care professionals involved in your care plan. Straying too far from this commitment could result in serious health repercussions.

Change Your Lifestyle

Staying healthy once diagnosed with diabetes requires you to make lifestyle changes. The severity of these changes depends solely upon how you live your life. The doctors at the Mayo Clinic state that if you smoke, it can increase your risk for developing complications from your diabetes that include nerve damage, heart attack and stroke.

Alcohol may also have an adverse affect on you, as it can lower your blood sugar levels. If you choose to drink, do so only with meals; this prevents a sharp decline in your blood sugar. You should drink alcohol only in moderation and include the calories from the alcohol with the calories from your food.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar

The easiest way to track your blood sugar levels is by using a glucose monitoring machine. Your doctor can advise you on the type he feels is the most beneficial for your situation. He will also tell you the number of times a day you should check your levels, whether it needs to be done before or after meals and what your normal blood sugar range should be. If you are too far above or below, you may need medication to raise or lower it.

Perform Good Oral Care

Gum infections are common among diabetics. To prevent this, floss your teeth a minimum of once a day and brush at least twice. Schedule cleanings every six months with your dentist, but contact him sooner if you notice your gums begin bleeding or become red or swollen.

Pamper Your Feet

Other common problems among diabetics are nerve damage and poor circulation in the feet. These two issues combined can result in a host of podiatry nightmares, including open sores, infections and in some cases, amputation. To prevent these situations from occurring, wash or soak your feet every day in moderately warm water. Follow by drying them carefully yet thoroughly, making sure to dry between each individual toe. As you do this, check for any areas of redness, cuts or open sores. When your nails need to be trimmed, it may be in your best interest to see a doctor; this ensures your safety.

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