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Review of Nova Skin Care

Review of Nova Skin Care Review of Nova Skin Care


For anyone looking to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin at the same time, you might wonder about the Nova Skin Care system, which claims to do both.


Nova Skin Care is a system that is designed to purify and rejuvenate. Nova's special tool, the Sonic Facializer, which comes with reusable cleaning pads, vibrates as you move it over your skin. This scrubbing tool is meant to be used in conjunction with Nova's foaming cleanser, exfoliating lotion and moisturizer. Nova recommends you consistently use this system at least once a day.


The Nova Skin Care system claims that it will help to revitalize your skin. The Sonic Facializer is designed to give a deep, non-abrasive cleanse, and may also help to increase circulation in your skin. The lotions and moisturizers contain rosemary, soy and other anti-aging compounds that tighten and refine skin and remove impurities.


As of 2010, the Nova Skin Care system can be purchased for about $200 from various online retailers. The Nova skin Care website no longer exists, so buying direct from the Nova company could be tricky.

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