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Review of Natural Skin Care

Review of Natural Skin Care Review of Natural Skin Care Review of Natural Skin Care


You wake up in the morning with puffy eyes, and what do you reach for: triethanolamine or cucumber slices? What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.


Natural skin care--sometimes called holistic or herbal skin care--is a way of treating and protecting the skin without the use of synthetic chemicals. Many natural products are made with botanical ingredients.


Research indicates that 33 percent of personal care products contain at least one chemical associated with cancer. For instance, paraben, a chemical often found in moisturizing creams, has been found in breast cancer biopsies.


When shopping for products, beware of words such as "natural" and "organic." These terms are not regulated on product packaging and may only be used for marketing purposes. Always read the list of ingredients before you decide on a product's safety.

Know Your Skin

Are you oily, dry or sensitive? Consider your skin type before embarking on a natural regimen. Jojoba oil might work as a miracle moisturizer for some, but only you can tell if a product causes irritation or clogs your pores.

Skin Care Basics

Caring for the skin involves more than soap and water. Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise, sun protection and avoiding cigarettes create the foundation for natural skin care.

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