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Customer Review of Rachel Perry's Skin Care

Customer Review of Rachel Perry's Skin Care Customer Review of Rachel Perry's Skin Care Customer Review of Rachel Perry's Skin Care


Rachel Perry's skin care is a line of products aimed at making skin look better and be healthier. The line includes a large number of products such as facial scrubs, moisturizers and wrinkle creams.


Beautiful Reviews finds fault with the skin care products from Rachel Perry because the products don't include a full description. The site bases its reviews in part on the product's ingredients, but finds it difficult to review the items because the ingredients are uncertain.


As of 2010, the Rachel Perry website and official Facebook page no longer existed. While you can still purchase the products through a third party, including online retailers, you can no longer purchase direct from the manufacturer.

Facial Scrub

The facial scrub from Rachel Perry is one of the well reviewed items from the line. The Makeup Snob states that the scrub exfoliates skin quickly without leaving a dry feeling behind. The reviewer also believes it feels less rough than other facial scrubs.

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