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A Merlot Skin Care Review

A Merlot Skin Care Review A Merlot Skin Care Review A Merlot Skin Care Review


Wayne Beckley launched the Merlot Skin Care line in 2001 after recording the benefits of red wine antioxidants on the body. Beckley's Merlot line features skincare products derived from grape seeds. Merlot is marketed as utilizing grape seed's high antioxidant properties to combat aging by countering free radicals in the environment.

Product Line

Some of the key components of the Merlot Skin Care line, according to Total Beauty, include facial products: Grape Seed Eye Cream, Clay Facial Mask, Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Moonlight Radiance Night Cream, Purifying Peel Off Mask and Exfoliating Blemish Scrub. Body products range from Foot Cream, Body Firming Lotion to Bath/Shower Gel.

Product Features

The Merlot Skin Care line indicates its products contain the anti-aging ingredients Argireline and peptides but isn't specific about which ones do and don't. The Performance Leader also indicates that the products come with a money-back guarantee and can be purchased by the general public from the official website.

Additional Details

Complete listings of product ingredients are not available on the official website, nor is there an opportunity to receive free trial products. In addition, there is not clinical trial information available that either supports or discounts the efficacy of the Merlot Skin Care line or the key ingredient grape seeds.

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