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Ingredients of Savone Skin Brightening Soap

Ingredients of Savone Skin Brightening Soap Ingredients of Savone Skin Brightening Soap

Savone Skin Brightening Soap is a basic body bar-type soap created and manufactured by Puritan's Pride, an online vitamin and beauty product company with headquarters in Long Island, New York. Ingredients in the soap clean, moisturize and have a mild bleaching effect on your skin, and a sunscreen helps protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays.


Surfactants are fatty acid detergent, or cleansing, ingredients. They react with and soften dirt and oil, allowing water to wash them away. This soap uses sodium cocoate, a derivative of coconut oil, and sodium palmate, a derivative of palm oil, are the cleansing ingredients.


Emollients work to soften, soothe and moisturize your skin. These ingredients are oil-based and have anti-inflammatory properties. Ceramide 3 and glycerin help form a protective layer on your skin to prevent moisture loss.


Humectants are ingredients that help keep your skin from drying out. PPG-26/Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer attracts moisture from the air and holds it on your skin.

Whitening Agent

Tricholoma Matsutake Singer Extract, derived from the pine mushroom, is a whitening agent that has a mild bleaching effect on the skin when used over time. This extract is the soap's skin brightening ingredient.

Toning Agent

Sodium chloride is a toning agent, also called an astringent. This ingredient works to constrict blood vessels and skin tissue, creating a temporary tightening effect on your skin.


Titanium dioxide is a white mineral pigment that functions as a sunscreen and as a coloring agent. As a sunscreen, titanium dioxide can block both ultraviolet type A and B rays. As a coloring agent, titanium dioxide gives the soap its white appearance.

Water Softeners

Tetra sodium EDTA and tetra sodium etidronate work to prevent the soap from leaving a film on your face and in the sink. They keep calcium and magnesium elements present in hard water from forming an insoluble scum substance. Tetra sodium EDTA also functions as a preservative to keep bacteria from forming on the soap bar.

Other Ingredients

While Savone Skin Brightening Soap lists a fragrance as a product ingredient, it does not specify whether the fragrance ingredient is a natural or synthetic ingredient.

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