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Ingredients in Tend Skin

Ingredients in Tend Skin Ingredients in Tend Skin Ingredients in Tend Skin

The manufacturers of Tend Skin claim it helps to reduce the occurance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps, also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae, or PFB. It also removes ink from skin and works as a deodorant, according to the Tend Skin website. The original formulation of Tend Skin contains 22 ingredients.


Tend Skin contains seven ingredients designed to moisturize skin. Water works to add moisture instantly, while glycerin is included as a hygroscopic ingredient---it absorbs water from the air and draws it toward the skin. Sodium lauroyl lactylate is a salt-based product made from milk or coconut oil. According to "Milady's Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary," Sodium lauroyl lactylate easily penetrates skin and has anti-microbial properties. It provides a small amount of moisture and is used to reduce irritation. Tend Skin also contains propylene glycol, a humectant. Like glycerin, propylene glycol works to draw moisture from the atmosphere and impart it into the skin. Tend Skin contains sodium PCA, also known as sodium salt of pyrrolidone carbonic acid. This substance naturally occurs in the skin and draws moisture from the air. Another ingredient that works as a moisturizer is behentrimonium metholsulfate.Behentrimonium metholsulfate is a substance naturally derived from rapeseed oil. It works to soften and condition the skin. Tend Skin contains isopropyl palmitate, a chemical mixture of isopropyl alcohol and palm oil. Isopropyl palmitate works as a moisturizer and emollient.

Protective Ingredients

Tend Skin contains three ceramides, or fatty acids. These substances occur naturally within the body and work to reduce water loss from the skin by forming a protective barrier. Ceramides also work with cell regeneration to renew the skin's natural protective qualities, as stated by "Milady's Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary." Tend Skin contains ceramide 3, ceramide 6 11 and ceramde 1. Another ingredient aimed at protecting the skin is hydrolyzed lupine protein. This product is derived from the white lupine plant and works to protect the skin against the breakdown of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These substances, which occur within the skin, make the skin feel soft and supple, according to "Personal Care Formulas."


Emulsifiers work to blend two substances that would not normally mix. Tend Skin contains emulsifying wax, made from vegetable or petroleum based wax. It also contains cholesterol. Cholesterol prevents oil and water from separating, but also works to condition the skin. Carbomer is an ingredient included in this product as an emulsifier and to help keep the texture of the product. Xanthan gum stabilizes the ingredients so the product lasts longer. Tend Skin also contains cetearyl alcohol, which is a product derived from coconut oil. It gives a rich, creamy texture to products and works as an emulsifier and emollient.


Tend Skin contains two ingredients designed as preservatives. Methylparaben and propylparaben are anti-microbial, anti-fungal and bacteriostatic agents, according to "Cosmetics Unmasked." They are water-soluable and used to keep microorganisms from growing in the product, giving the product a longer shelf life. Tend Skin also contains diazolidinyl urea, an antimicrobial preservative.

Other Ingredients

Tend Skin contains mineral oil, a liquid byproduct formed from the production of gasoline. This gives the product texture. It should be noted that mineral oil is a comedogenic agent, a substance that contributes to acne, as stated by "Cosmetics Unmasked." There are two products that contribute to the fragrance of Tend Skin: sweet almond extract and citric acid. Citric acid also works as a preservative and a skin-toning agent.

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