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Avene Skin Recovery Cream Ingredients

Avene Skin Recovery Cream Ingredients

Avene Skin Recovery Cream, named Cream for Intolerant Skin in the United States, is a marketed as a moisturizing skin cream that promotes healing. It claims to give a softer and smoother tone to the skin, making it appear healthier. The cream has Avene's own thermal spring water as a leading ingredient, plus 12 other ingredients.


Preservatives lengthen the shelf life of a product by inhibiting the growth of mold, bacteria and fungi. The preservatives in Avene Skin Recovery Cream are benzoic acid, chlorphenesin and phenoxyethanol. Benzoic acid also acts like a pH adjuster and fragrance, according to Cosmetics Info. Phenoxyethanol prevents the growth of microbes and has a rose-like aroma, according to Cosmetics Info.


Moisturizers help condition the skin and keep it hydrated, making it less likely to flake and peel. Moisturizers in this recovery cream are mineral oil, glycerin and squalene. Mineral oil will not clog pores and squalene is a natural skin component, according to Cosmetic Cop, making both good skin choices. Glycerin helps make the formula glide over the skin easily, according to Derma Doctor.


Thickeners make the compound less thin and runny. The thickener in this skin cream is carbomer, which also acts like a stabilizer, according to Derma Doctor.

Smoothing Agent

Smoothing agents help keep a formula from getting grainy. Cyclomethicone, a form of silicone, is the smoothing agent in this product, according to Derma Doctor. It will not clog pores.


Solvents help ingredients mix better, where one needs to be broken down and absorbed by other ingredients. The solvent in Avene Skin Recovery is butylene glycol. Butylene glycol is deemed safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, according to Cosmetics Info.


Lubricants help give skin a softer, smoother appearance and will keep skin hydrated longer. The lubricant in this skin cream is glyceryl stearate, according to Cosmetics Info.

PH Balancer

PH balancers help keep a formula from getting too acidic or alkaline. The pH balancer for this product is triethanolamine.

Chelating Agent

Chelating agents are additives that keep minerals for bonding to the other ingredients in the formula. Tetrasodium EDTA is the chelating agent in this product according to Cosmetics Cop.

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