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Proper Skin Care for Men

Proper Skin Care for Men Proper Skin Care for Men Proper Skin Care for Men


If you're like most men, you probably neglect the care of your skin. Men spend less time than women grooming their skin, so don't notice it as much. Women apply rouge, lipstick, powder and cold creams, tweeze eyebrows and get facials. They notice the condition of their skin each day. Just because men don't use makeup, however, doesn't mean they shouldn't pay attention to their skin. Following a regular, simple skin care regimen will help you keep your skin healthy and younger looking.

Step 1

Rinse your face with warm or cool water as your first step each morning. Too much hot water robs lipids from the skin and can cause dryness and flakiness.

Step 2

Exfoliate with a coarse washcloth, loofa bar or dry brush. Scrub in a circular motion, gently but firmly removing dead skin, oil and other debris on your face. Add a natural abrasive such as dry oatmeal for added scrubbing power. Rinse after your exfoliation removing any remaining cleaning agents.

Step 3

Wash your face with a mild soap, using warm or cool water. Apply less pressure if you have just exfoliated. Rinse with cool water. Do not dry your face.

Step 4

Apply moisturizer to damp skin. Moisturizers absorb better into the skin when it's damp. Use fat-dense soaps with ingredients such as lanolin and cocoa butter.

Step 5

Wait several minutes after moisturizing, then moisten your skin with hot water to loosen your beard. Apply shaving cream to moist skin.

Step 6

Shave, using strokes in one direction, shaving with the hair, not against it, recommends the Mayo Clinic. Use a sharp blade if you use a razor. If you use an electric shaver, use light pressure, moving in a circular motion.

Step 7

Rinse with cold water to close your pores. Pat your face dry, but not completely.

Step 8

Apply an aftershave. Aftershaves can soothe burning and, if they contain alcohol, can help prevent infection from cuts.

Step 9

Reapply moisturizer and leave in. Apply a nonperfumed moisturizer if you use an aftershave lotion.

Step 10

Apply a sunscreen instead of a moisturizer after shaving if you will be heading into the sun. Use a minimum 15 SPF, and apply at least 30 minutes prior to going outside to ensure the sunblock absorbs into your skin and begins providing protection as soon as you enter the sun.

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