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Male Face Skin Care

Male Face Skin Care Male Face Skin Care


If you're one of those guys who takes pride in looking and feeling healthy, you can't afford to skip facial care. While your body will lose strength and endurance over time, you may not realize that your skin is already suffering the effects of age and the elements. Taking care of male skin is simple and satisfying and pays long-term dividends. Take a few minutes in the morning and evening to maintain healthy skin.


Looking better makes you feel better. Hang onto that warm, fuzzy feeling as long as possible with regular upkeep. Men with healthy skin tend to show the affects of aging later than women of the same age. Keeping skin hydrated protects you from extreme dust, wind, pollution and temperatures. Protection from the sun helps reduce dry skin, wrinkles and age spots. It can also lessen your 1 in 5 chance of getting skin cancer, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).


While you may think you're too young to worry about the effects of the sun, skin cell damage is already occurring. By the time you reach 20, states the AAD, you've already been blasted by 80 percent of the UV rays you'll receive in a lifetime. You should still use a sunblock in your 30s, 40s and 50s. If you start practicing sun protection as a child or adolescent, you'll do the most good toward maintaining healthy skin.


Dirt and toxins can block pores and impair skin function, resulting in blemishes, rashes, blotches and rough patches. Male skin is especially prone to surface obstructions due to increased sweat and sebaceous gland action around hair follicles. Facial care removes dirt, oil and salts, to avoid irritation or allergic reactions. It seals in moisture, keeping skin elastic, and it blocks out the sun, preserving healthy skin cell integrity for as long as possible.


Basic facial care products include mild gel or bar soap, shaving and aftershave lotion, moisturizer and SPF 30 or higher sunblock cream. You should wash your face twice daily, lathering with your fingertips. Use aftershave or moisturizer after washing, and finish in the daytime with sunscreen.


If you consider facial care products too expensive, or if you rely on them to cure all skin problems, this can lead you away from great-looking skin. Regular skin care, as well as lifestyle choices, affect your skin condition and appearance. Smoking and heavy indoor or outdoor tanning will age you faster, and you'll show wrinkles earlier than your peers.

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