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5 Things You Need to Know About Jogger's Nipple

5 Things You Need to Know About Jogger's Nipple

1. Nipples: A Sore Subject for Runners

The skin on your nipples is very sensitive. Jogger's nipple, which is a common sports injury for runners, is when the nipples get irritated from rubbing against their shirts as they run. This painful condition could lead to soreness, bleeding and inflammation. Erect nipples are more prone to jogger's nipple.

2. Wear the Right Thing

Loose clothing is less likely to cause jogger's nipple than a tighter fitting top. Many synthetic fabrics can be stiff and cause more irritation to the nipples. However, wearing a Lycra or silk fabric that will wick the sweat away from your body is the best. Cotton t-shirts absorb sweat, which can make the irritation worse. Women joggers should always wear a supportive bra under their shirts. One advantage men have over women is that during warmer temperatures, they can run without shirts.

3. Nip it in the Bud

There are ways to protect your nipples from getting irritated when you run. Although men may find it uncomfortable, surgical tape placed over each nipple can help. It might be beneficial to shave the hair around your nipples before taping them. Breast shields that breastfeeding women use are good ways to prevent jogger's nipple. Although, women are the marketing target, male runners benefit from the protection they provide. Another trick is using cream, such as a diaper rash cream containing zinc or petroleum jelly to protect the skin from irritation. Keeping yourself hydrated while you're active is another good way to keep your skin from drying out. Although, hydration may not prevent the friction on your nipples, it can help keep your skin from drying out as quickly.

4. Treat it With Sensitivity

If your nipples become irritated from the friction of your clothing, a lanolin cream is a good way to keep it moist without further irritating the skin. If they are cracked and bleeding, treat it as if it were an open would. Clean it and use an antibiotic ointment, which may prevent infection. If they are bleeding, use a gauze bandage to cover it until they heal. When you shower, don't use soap since it can dry out the skin even more, which will cause more cracking. Allow them to air dry and keep them moist with lanolin. Expose your nipples to sunlight when possible to help heal the irritated area.

5. Jogger's Nipple is not Just for Runners

Even though the term jogger's nipple refers to runners, it isn't an exclusive condition to runners. Anyone who cycles, rows, weightlifts or works outside can have nipple chafing from the friction of their shirt. Runner's nipple doesn't discriminate either. It can strike people of all sizes. Even very thin people can get this sports injury.

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