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Face Cream for Mature Oily Skin

Face Cream for Mature Oily Skin Face Cream for Mature Oily Skin


If you're a "woman of a certain age," you may view oily skin as a mixed blessing. Oily skin, which arises from sebum produced by your skin's glands, helps protect your complexion from the ravages of age. On the other hand, it still causes the usual problems associated with oily skin, including acne and shiny skin. Determining the best face cream for your skin type is especially challenging.


While it's normal for your skin to lessen its production of sebum as you get older, if you had abnormally oily skin when you were younger, you may continue to over-produce sebum in later years. Some women encounter oily skin for the first time in adulthood. Causes for a later onset of oily skin and acne include hormone fluctuation associated with menopause or menstrual cycles, as well as stress and certain medical conditions such as polycystic ovaries.


While oily skin may bring an unwelcome shininess to your complexion, it also has the effect of minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. Lower sebum production leads to thinning and drier skin, which makes fine lines more visible than when more sebum is available to "plump" the skin. Sebum also acts as a second skin to protect your complexion from the elements.


Although you don't need the heavy moisturizing products the majority of women your age do, don't neglect problem areas. Chances are, your complexion is thinner and more fragile than it was when you were younger. The area around your eyes and mouth are especially prone to wrinkles and damage. Treat those zones differently than you do the rest of your face. Use a mild cleanser and water-based moisturizer on the oiliest parts of your skin, and anti-aging creams or serums for the dry or fragile sections.

Products recommends water-based moisturizers for oily skin, rather than oil-based moisturizers. Look for terms like "noncomedogenic," on the product's packaging, which indicates that it won't clog pores. The University of Maryland Medical Center, UMMC, notes that a humectant-type moisturizer pulls moisture from within the skin, rather than adding oil externally. The American Academy of Dermatology's AgingSkinNet website warns against using more than one anti-aging face cream on your skin at the same time. Sunscreen is a must at any age, not only to slow the aging effects of the sun's rays, but to protect yourself from skin cancer. Purchase sunscreens with broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays.


Some face-cream ingredients that may prove helpful for oily, mature skin include glycerin, used in humectant-type moisturizers, and tazarotene, which UMMC says may help control both acne and wrinkles. Avoid propylene glycol and sorbitol, which tend to cancel out any benefits by attracting and repelling moisture at the same time, warns Harvard Medical School. Look for beta hydroxy acids, BHAs, rather than alpha hydroxyl acids, AHAs, in your face cream. Both AHAs and BHAs exfoliate mature skin, but BHAs work better on oily and acne-prone complexions.

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