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Treatments for Large Pores on the Nose

Treatments for Large Pores on the Nose Treatments for Large Pores on the Nose Treatments for Large Pores on the Nose


We have pores covering our entire body. When pores become clogged with oil, they can become red and inflamed resulting in acne. If you look closely at your face in a mirror you can probably easily see your pores. They are tiny openings in the skin that allow our skin to breathe and are an outlet for important oil that moisturizes and hydrates the skin. However, many people are self-conscience of their pores, especially when they appear to be very large. There are many ways to minimize the appearance of large pores. People are commonly discouraged by the size of the pores on their nose.

Treat Large Pores on the Nose

Step 1

Open the pores with warm temperatures. Opened pores are easier to clean out. It is important to clean the pores because when oil in the pores oxidizes, they turn a dark color, which makes them more noticeable. You can open the pores on the nose by taking a hot shower, steaming your face or by placing a warm rag over your face for several minutes.

Step 2

Apply a pore strip designed for the nose to your face. You can purchase pore strips from any drug store or beauty supply outlet. They are also often available in supermarkets. Pore strips are small strips that you apply to a specific area of your face. The nose ones are designed to cover the parts of the nose that are prone to blackheads and large pores. To use a pore strip wet the area of your face you are applying the strip to. Use the strip immediately after opening your pores, and it should still be wet from steam or warm water. Place the sticky side of the strip on your face and pat down with your finger so it sticks to your face. Wait about 15 minutes for the strip to completely dry. Pull the strip off like a band aid. You will see tiny, prickly hair-like particles on the strip. This is the buildup pulled from your pores by the strip. Pore strips can remove blackheads, clean the pores and reduce the appearance of large pores.

Step 3

Clean out the pores. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it to your nose. Lemon juice has natural cleansing and antibacterial properties that will clean out the oil and grime. Applying the lemon juice after using the pore strip will also get off any sticky residue left by the strip.

Step 4

Tighten pores with cool temperatures. After cleaning out the pores you will want to seal them shut. Just like hot temperatures open the pores, cold temperatures close the pores. You can splash your face with cold water or rub an ice cube over your nose for a minute or two to close the pores. The pores will never actually seal shut but cold reduces inflammation and the pores tighten to protect itself from the cold. It can temporally make the pores appear much smaller.

Step 5

Moisturize your skin. Even though an important step in reducing pore size is cleaning oil from the pores because it has oxidized and turned black, oil is important to the skin. It keeps the skin soft and supple. When you over wash or clean your face, the skin will over-produce oil leading to acne and large pores. Keeping your face moisturized with a gentle moisturizer made for faces can help keep oil production down. Use products that contain vitamin C, which help the skin regenerate and reduce the appearance of large pores, according to Leslie Baumann, M.D. Also, only wash your face once a day to keep your oil levels balanced.

Step 6

Cover up pores with makeup. Concealer can mask the appearance of large pores. There are many different types of makeup to chose from such as powder, liquid foundation and concealer sticks. Apply a primer to your skin to keep the make up from clogging your pores. Cover up your pores with a partial liquid foundation (it will have the consistency of butter). Top it off with a mineral powder over your entire face to even skin tone. Make sure to wash makeup off your face before you go to sleep.

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