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Treatments for Large Pores on the Face

Treatments for Large Pores on the Face Treatments for Large Pores on the Face Treatments for Large Pores on the Face

Pore-tightening treatments help to clarify and refine the texture of the skin, including reducing enlarged pores, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Large pores develop due to the aging process and becoming clogged, which can result in pimples and blemishes. Administering at-home pore treatments can offer similar effects as commercial products without the associated effects of chemicals like alcohol, which causes excessive dryness by stripping the skin of essential oil. Although herbs are well-known alternatives to popular beauty items, their effect on the skin lacks substantial scientific data. Seek the advice of a trained medical professional before you begin a new skin care routine.

Cornmeal Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating scrubs are an essential component in a daily skin care routine. As the largest organ of the body, the skin is continuously creating new skin. As these new cells rise to the surface, they gradually die and fill with keratin, a protective protein that safeguards your skin from harmful substances. If left to slowly amass, this debris can actually clog pores and give the skin a lackluster appearance.

For a simple cornmeal exfoliating scrub, combine organic cornmeal with honey and milk. Cornmeal acts as a mild abrasive to lift and remove impurities and debris. The Organic Facts website asserts that honey and milk retain cleansing properties that ward off bacteria that can cause blemishes, which can result in enlarged pores. Additionally, milk helps to refine pores by minimizing their appearance for smoother, more supple skin. Honey is a natural humectant that naturally attracts and traps moisture.

Mint and Chamomile Toner

Skin toners help to tighten and close enlarged pores while also eliminating blemish-causing impurities. Over-the-counter beauty toners and astringents contain high amounts of alcohol that actually leave the skin over-tightened and dry, leading to cracking, breakouts and flaking. Using natural ingredients can help remove trace impurities without damaging the pores.

Combine freshly diced mint with dried chamomile flowers in distilled water. Heat the liquid until it boils and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Place the solution in a glass container and refrigerate. Apply with a cotton ball in upward strokes to clean deep within the pore. states that chamomile is naturally soothing to the skin. The addition of mint, which is naturally antibacterial, helps to minimize the pore’s appearance due to the presence of mentha. Distilled water does not have elements that can be harmful to the skin, such as lead, which is found in tap water.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

A dead sea mud mask can prove beneficial for those with enlarged pores, as it helps refine pore size and remove deeply imbedded debris. You should use a mud mask approximately once a week to tighten pores for a more youthful, glowing appearance, according to "Marie Claire" magazine.

ABC News reports that dead sea mud contains 21 different minerals that are helpful in treating a wide variety of skin problems. The salt content helps to shrink pore size while warding off infections and other sores that may be present on the skin. You can purchase dead sea mud online or at your local health food store. Add one or two drops of lavender oil for its fragrance and antimicrobial action.

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Treatments for Large Pores on the Face
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