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Causes of Large Pores

Causes of Large Pores Causes of Large Pores

Pores are small openings on the skin's surface which enable the glands to secrete fluids. The oil and perspiration, in turn, protect and hydrate the skin. Beyond function, many people scrutinize the size of the pores on their face for aesthetic purposes. Some people are dissatisfied with their large pores because of its textural "crater-like" effect on the skin. For people who have large pores or worry about getting them, an array of possibilities exists. Understanding the causes of enlarged pores is the first step.


People can't change their family line, and heredity plays a large role in pore appearance. People with a history of dry skin tend to have finer pores, while people with oily skin and combination skin have larger ones.

Poor Skin Care

Pores can appear larger when the skin isn't sufficiently exfoliated. This is because new skin cells are constantly being produced, and may collect alongside older cells. Blackheads, for instance, can rise up from this buildup of oil. They characteristically enlarge pores.


The glow of youth fades over time, primarily because of a decrease in elastin and collagen in skin. Not only does skin grow looser and change in coloration, pores can widen. Again, this can stem back to heredity.

Sun Exposure

The rays of the sun are extremely harmful in high doses. Sun damage can cause the epidermis, or top layer of skin, to thicken. Some pores may look larger because the rings of cells will collect around individual pores.


Stress and environmental factors may encourage blackheads, whiteheads and other blemishes. Once they form, they will enlarge pores and give the illusion of having very open pores.

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