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Itchy Skin Solutions

Itchy Skin Solutions Itchy Skin Solutions

Skin tingling or irritation often accompanies itchy skin and generally is the result of dry skin, genetic conditions or allergies, according to MedlinePlus. Environmental factors including the weather, especially in severe humidity or cold, can exacerbate itchy skin. By using simple, homemade solutions to alleviate the problem, you can avoid the extra expense of commercial products. Most itchy skin is not serious, however if a persistent rash appears concurrent with itching, contact a medical professional.

Baking Soda

Adding baking soda directly to the itchy region or soaking in a bath of baking soda can provide an immense amount of relief. attests to this ingredient as an anti-inflammatory and anti-itch treatment for those suffering common skin ailments. Baking soda is an alkaline compound, meaning that the pH is greater than 7. Generally, irritating substances that affect the skin hold low pH levels or high-ranking acid levels. The central pH of baking soda helps to neutralize itchy skin while drawing out impurities, such as mosquito venom, reports the For those with dry skin, it helps to detoxify the skin without stripping it of necessary moisture. In the book "Home Cure for Health & Special Household Quick Tips," Anastasia Cassella-Young recommends making a baking soda paste to apply directly to itchy regions.


Oatmeal is an age-old remedy for several skin conditions ranging from chickenpox to acne. This is due to the ultra-soothing compounds of avenanthramides, beta-glucan and silicon, which act to effectively reduce inflamed skin and itching, according to the RN Guide to Skin Care website. Avenanathramides are exceptionally helpful in relieving the itch as it blocks histamine from triggering nerve cells, the Archive of Dermatological Research reports. Administering oatmeal with a cold compress, as a paste or in a lukewarm bath is beneficial in calming irritation that often accompanies itching.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Topical application of tea tree essential oil can provide itching relief. MedlinePlus, a publication of that National Institutes of Health, reports that early studies show that tea tree oil applied to the skin may reduce histamine-induced inflammation as well. According to Ian Southwell in his book "Tea Tree: The Genus Melaleuca," tea tree reduces itch caused by insect bikes and other skin conditions such as sunburn. Tea tree oil requires a carrier oil, such as vegetable or olive oil, as high concentrations can irritate the skin. Mix tea tree oil with a carrier oil in a ratio of 1 part tea tree oil and 5 parts carrier oil. Although tea tree oil does have promising preliminary studies, substantive evidence regarding its influence on itchy skin is still lacking. Contact a medical professional prior to use.

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