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How to Look Skinny in a Bathing Suit

How to Look Skinny in a Bathing Suit How to Look Skinny in a Bathing Suit How to Look Skinny in a Bathing Suit


If you want to put your best foot forward at the beach, select a bathing suit that highlights your best features. To look skinny in a bathing suit, select one that is brightly colored toward the top or that has a one-shoulder tie to draw the eye upward. Use solid colors to your advantage: Wear a suit that has darker panels of color at the sides and paler colors in the center for a slimming effect. A swimsuit that has a "boy shorts" cut to it can also be more flattering, as the hemmed bottom will make your legs appear thinner than a suit that hugs the hips.

Step 1

Determine your strong suit. Long legs and arms and a slightly heavier midsection? Opt for a suit that has a small flared skirt or a ruffle that runs diagonally across the body from one shoulder to the opposite hip. This divides the body and will draw attention to your arms and legs.

Step 2

De-emphasize a round belly by wearing a striped suit that has bright strips along the top and bottom of the suit and is a darker color in the center. Again, the eye will move to the bosom and legs instead of the belly.

Step 3

Select a bathing suit with flirty and flattering cutouts. A keyhole cutout at the cleavage in a dark suit is pure glamour. Ditto for a dark suit with cutouts at the sides along the waist; don't worry about having extra weight, use it to your advantage here. Seeing the cutouts of skin will be sexy.

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