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How to Do a Spa Peel

How to Do a Spa Peel How to Do a Spa Peel How to Do a Spa Peel


Spa peels are luxury beauty procedures which help repair and rejuvenate worn or damaged skin and can keep skin looking young and healthy. They're often applied by professionals at a spa center, but these treatments can be too expensive for most people to enjoy on a frequent basis. Luckily, there are spa peel kits you can purchase at health care and beauty stores and give yourself an old-fashioned spa peel.

Step 1

Wash your face and make sure it is dry before applying the peel. Apply the kit's first mix with either cotton balls or your fingers (or as directed on the box). Rub in the mix similar to how you rub lotion into your skin.

Step 2

Apply any second layers your kit has included. Some kits only have one layer to apply, while others have two.

Step 3

Check the box to determine how long the mixture is supposed to be left on. It needs to be on long enough for the mixture to harden into a peel. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.

Step 4

Apply a neutralizer onto the top of the spa peel. This reacts with the peel ingredients and breaks down some of the compounds holding it to your skin, making it safe to remove the peel without damaging your skin.

Step 5

Remove the peel by pulling at the chin and working your way up, or by scrubbing off with a wet sponge or hand towel (check the box to determine the right course of action).

Step 6

Wash your face with soap and pat it dry. Rub a moisturizing lotion into your skin.

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