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Glysomed Ingredients

Glysomed Ingredients Glysomed Ingredients

Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the simplest and most effective methods of maintaining a healthy complexion. Many cosmetic products, such as those made by the company Glysomed, achieve this through the use of various lipids, oils, humectants, lubricants, and emollients.


Humectants are hygroscopic, or water-attracting, substances that readily form hydrogen bonds with water molecules. They are used in cosmetic products to provide moisture and lubrication. Glycerin is a widely used humectant derived from animal fats or petroleum. In addition to beauty products, glycerin is also found in foods as a sweetener and thickener.

Cetostearyl Alcohol

Cetostearyl alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols from vegetable sources which forms a sort of emollient wax. Emollients are components of moisturizing products which work to soften your skin. They do this in three ways: occluding the surface of your skin with a layer of oil to prevent moisture from evaporation, functioning as a humectant to increase the water-holding capacity of your skin and providing lubrication.


While this long-chain fatty alcohol also serves as a lubricant, Octylododecanol's main purpose in moisturizers is to act as an emulsifier. An emulsion is a mixture of two unblendable liquids, such as oil and water. An emulsifier facilitates the blending of these two liquids by stabilizing the resultant mixture. This prevents the finished product from separating into layers and from generating foam when shaken.


PDMS is the most widely used silicone-based organic polymer. Due to its unique chemical properties, it can be found in a wide range of products, from Silly Putty to hair conditioner to lubricants. It will act similarly to a very slow-flowing honey if left in one place long enough, but will act like a rubbery solid over short time periods. In moisturizers, it primarily functions as a lubricant and anti-foaming agent.

Hamamelis virginiana

Hamamelis virginiana is a species of witch-hazel found in North America. The extract formed from this plant can be used as an astringent, a substance which shrinks or constricts body tissues. While pharmaceutical astringents are often used to stop bleeding or dry mucous membranes, in cosmetic products they are commonly used to protect the skin and reduce oiliness.

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