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What Herbs Gets Rid of Skin Moles?

What Herbs Gets Rid of Skin Moles? What Herbs Gets Rid of Skin Moles?

Skin moles are common blemishes or growths. While some patients may turn to surgery or prescription medication to remove these unsightly skin spots, you can also use many natural herbs to safely remove moles. Available in most local supermarkets, drug stores, and online pharmacies, these herbs can be found in their whole form or as a supplement. Before using any herbal supplement on your skin, be sure to speak to your medical doctor for more information.


One example of an herbal supplement that can be used to remove skin moles is dandelion. Dandelion is extremely effective in removing skin moles and can be rubbed on the affected area until the flower’s juice covers the mole. The skin will then absorb the nutrients and minerals found in dandelion herbs and eventually remove the mole. The website suggests repeating this application process twice a day for best results. Due to the risk of allergic reaction to dandelion herbs, you should first speak to a licensed dermatologist to determine if this herb is right for your condition.


Another herbal supplement that can help you remove unsightly moles from your skin naturally is flaxseed. Flaxseed has been used for centuries for the treatment of many skin conditions, including mole removal. Grinding the herb and mixing it with water forms a solution that can be directly applied to the skin, which will then be absorbed into the body and ultimately remove the skin mole. While more research needs to be conducted to substantiate these skin cleansing claims, be sure to speak to your doctor to learn more about how flaxseed can help your condition.


Garlic is another herbal supplement that can be used to remove skin moles safely and naturally. As the website states, whole garlic cloves contain many active ingredients and minerals that can help shrink skin moles, including sulfur. When applied directly to the skin, garlic nutrients can be absorbed internally around the affected area and eventually shrink the targeted skin blemish. The website suggests covering the mole after applying this garlic treatment with a sterile bandage and leaving the skin wrapped overnight. Be sure to speak to a dermatologist or medical doctor to learn more about garlic’s skin healing benefits.

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