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Fructus Kochiae

Fructus Kochiae Fructus Kochiae
Fructus Kochiae
In this article you will learn about Fructus Kochiae, what it is? Why it is an ingredient of 101E acne treatment? How does it cure skin ailment including acne, eczema, itching and rash? Is there any side effect of the remedy and how it is used safely?

What is Fructus Kochiae?
Fructus Kochiae is a medicinal plant having diverse benefits. The plant has been used for hundreds of years as a medicine for toning the kidney with a view to treat skin ailment, according to Chinese philosophy. In Chinese treatment method, most diseases are caused by toxic substances within the body and damp heat. Thus, Fructus is pungent, bitter and warm in nature.
Why it is an ingredient of 101E acne treatment?
General Explanation:Acne not only flares up on face and neck, but their outbreak in any region of the body is also common. The acne other than on face is more traumatic in terms of itching, rash, pain and burning sensation.In summer season, acne may flare up on scrotum, vagina, back, and other areas of the body that are draped with clothing.Thus, 101E acne treatment is used for any type of acne irrespective of their regions of occurrence.

Scientific Explanation:
Some of the most common causes of acne are:
  • Parasitic activity within the body or skin
  • Increased toxicity in blood
  • Hormonal fluctuation

Parasites may be bacteria, fungi, and viruses, while toxicity may increase due to malfunction of kidney and liver. These are the fundamental organs of the body for dispelling toxicity from the body. Increased toxicity is the real cause of stimulation of sebaceous glands, once sebaceous glands are stimulated, they begin to produce a stream of sebum that makes hair follicles inflamed and as a result they are clogged.Thus, Fructus Kochiae is potent anti-toxic natural remedy that tones the kidneys and liver to discharge toxic substances.

What are the side effects of Fructus Kochiae?
The plant contains enormous substances and has been used for years. No critical side effect was recorded while treating skin ailments and you are healthy and normal person that is, you already has no serious diseases such as kidney failure and heart attack, etc. The extractions for treating acne and itching used in 101E acne treatment are taken under advanced technology that ensures separation of harmful sediments.However, you should not use any remedy weather natural or synthetic unless you consult your doctor.

How it is used?
It is used topically on the affected area. 101E acne treatment is a lotion that does not leave any spot on the clothing and makes them oily. It is best to use it twice a day or as prescribed by your doctor or manufacture.

Fructus Kochiae is a medicinal plant cultivated in china and other regions of the world. The plant is used as the successful and safe treatment option for acne, itching, eczema and rash. It is also an ingredient of 101E acne treatment that is also prescribed by doctors and well as it is a non prescription medication. Thus, to use safely and properly Fructus for acne, best to buy a lotion or tonic containing Fructus extraction and that is proprietary brand.

All information in this article is solely for your knowledge and awareness. You can not practice any of our advice unless you consult with your doctor. The author and the owner of the website will not be liable for any loss you incur in any way.

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