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Body Lotions for Extremely Dry Skin

Body Lotions for Extremely Dry Skin Body Lotions for Extremely Dry Skin Body Lotions for Extremely Dry Skin

Those white, irritated, dry patches of skin signal your body’s need for extra moisturizing. Before you find a good body cream, make sure your showers are short and use lukewarm water. Use a gentle body soap only on your feet, underarms and genital area. Pat your skin dry and don’t rub it. Include baby oil, petroleum jelly and the moisturizing body creams in your arsenal of skin moisturizers.

Moisturizing Ointments

Look for ointments that say they are “moisturizing.” As you’re scanning the store shelves, look for words like “hydrating” or “formulated for extremely dry, flaky skin.” If your skin is on the dry side, moisturize your skin immediately after you get out of the shower, as the lotion will "lock in" the moisture from your shower. Reduce the severity of your dry skin by applying a moisturizer three to four times daily.

Alcohol-free Body Moisturizers

Alcohol is an ingredient in many body moisturizers. It’s also drying to skin, which can exacerbate your skin condition. Using a body moisturizer with alcohol defeats the purpose of applying the moisturizer, according to MedlinePlus. Instead, look for creamy body moisturizers that don’t list alcohol--including isopropyl alcohol--as an ingredient. If your skin itches as well, look for a body lotion containing cortisone, recommends MedlinePlus.

Body Butters

Extremely dry skin responds best to thick, greasy body moisturizers, according to MedlinePlus. Look for small tubs containing the thicker moisturizers at the store. These products are higher in moisturizers such as shea butter. The American Academy of Family Physicians, or AAFP, points out that the best moisturizers are the “gooiest,” meaning that when you dip your fingers into scoop some out and massage it into your skin, you’ll feel an oily residue remaining on your hands once you have massaged the body butter fully into your skin.

As you apply body butter to your skin, rub it into both hands, then gently massage it into your skin. Don’t rub roughly--your skin needs and deserves gentle treatment. Massage the body butter into your skin until it has been completely absorbed.

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