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The Best Moisturizing Dry Skin Formulas

The Best Moisturizing Dry Skin Formulas

According to the Mayo Clinic, dry skin (or xerosis) is a condition in which your plump skin cells become shriveled and cause cracks and wrinkles in the skin. Environmental factors such as excessive bathing or exposure to hot or cold weather with low humidity levels contribute to most cases of dry skin. These conditions can be partially controlled, and dry skin can be treated with a variety of products.


According to the Family Doctor, applying an ointment to dry skin after it is washed allows the skin to lock in moisture and necessary oils and fats. Ointments are often oily and greasy, so in the case of dry skin, it keeps the skin from drying out. According to, A&D Ointment is infused with zinc and has vitamins A and D, which are beneficial to the skin. The Family Doctor recommends Aquaphor Original Ointment For Severely Dry Skin, which is long-lasting and fast-healing.

Creams and Lotions

According to Consumersearch, creams are the thickest moisturizers and are generally recommended for dry skin types. Lotions are best for normal to slightly dry or slightly oily skin and are lighter and less thick than creams. According to Olay, its Professional Pro-X Hyrda Firming Cream improves skin elasticity and firmness by locking in moisture. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 is a lotion that contains ingredients such as feverfew, oatmeal and soy, which help soothe dry skin.

Soaps and Body Washes

According to the Family Doctor, changing your bathing habits as well as the type of soap you use can help dry skin. If you bathe too often, it dry out your skin. Try to take short and warm, not extremely hot baths or showers. Aveeno Oatmeal Bath can soothe dry skin. The Mayo Clinic suggests using a mild soap, such as Neutrogena, Basis or Dove, every day to wash.

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