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Dry Skin & Wrinkles

Dry Skin & Wrinkles Dry Skin & Wrinkles Dry Skin & Wrinkles


Americans spend more than $12 billion every year on cosmetic procedures to hide the signs of aging, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Though cosmetic procedures can improve wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging, one effective way to minimize the signs of aging is to understand the factors that can contribute to it, including dry skin.

The Facts

Oil overproduction is a problem for many teenagers, causing acne and shiny skin, but the opposite problem occurs as you get older. The oil glands in your skin slow down production by about 10 percent every decade, according to David E. Bank, associate professor in clinical dermatology at Columbia University/Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. In addition to producing less oil, aging skin is also less able to hold moisture as its lipid layer becomes less effective, making it easier for skin to become dehydrated.


Wrinkles occur because of a combination of factors. As your skin ages, it gets thinner and the fat stores and deep layers of skin start to break up, causing surface skin to wrinkle. Though wrinkles aren't caused by dry skin, they often occur together. And dry skin makes wrinkles more noticeable because it is less supple than hydrated skin and therefore more likely to fall into wrinkles.


According to "Allure" magazine, you should switch from a drying, astringent cleanser to a creamy cleanser as your skin starts to age. According to Mary Lupo, a New Orleans-based dermatologist, you can minimize wrinkles on dry skin by using sunscreen and a prescription-strength retinoid cream every day. For deeper wrinkles, Lupo suggests injectable fillers, which replace lost fat and tissue stores so that your skin has a smooth surface on which to rest.


Just because your skin is dry doesn't mean you should opt for a super-intense moisturizer; clogged pores still can cause acne, even in dryer skin, according to Bank. To choose the right moisturizer for aging dry skin, Bank recommends looking for a lightweight moisturizer that contains ceramides and layering it with a hydrating serum if you feel like your skin needs more moisture. The key is to find a moisturizer that your skin can absorb quickly while still improving your skin's elasticity.

Expert Insight

To help your skin soak up the moisture it needs, "Allure" magazine recommends using a weekly glycolic acid peel, such as Avon ANEW Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel. Glycolic acid--a form of alpha hydroxy acid--helps your skin shed dead cells more efficiently so they don't prevent your skin from absorbing moisturizer.

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