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Creams for Extra-Dry Skin

Creams for Extra-Dry Skin Creams for Extra-Dry Skin Creams for Extra-Dry Skin

Extra-dry skin doesn't just look bad, but it can also feel uncomfortable. As your skin loses moisture, it begins to feel tighter and can even begin peeling or developing tiny cracks. Quickly supply your skin with the critical moisture it needs to avoid such conditions. With the right facial or body cream, you can help to add water to your skin cells for an instantly softer look.

Darphin Paris Hydraskin Rich

Skincare expert Paula Begoun, author of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me," tested Darphin Paris' facial cream. She concludes that it "works well" for very dry skin and also contains antioxidants. Antioxidants can help to defend, protect and boost the health of your skin. Additional beneficial ingredients include kiwi extract and mango butter, which add additional vitamins to your skin surface.

Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion

Eucerin's body lotion is for extremely dehydrated skin conditions that need intensive hydration. It was chosen as one of 2008's best beauty buys by "InStyle" magazine's editors, who named it the "best body lotion" thanks to its heavy-duty nature. Dr. Neil Sadick, a dermatologist reviewing the Eucerin repairing lotion for the magazine, liked its "anti-inflammatory" effect.

Curél Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion for Extra-Dry Skin

The beauty editors of Real Simple magazine loved Curel's intensive lotion for extra-dry skin. It gets its extremely rich texture from natural emollients such as shea butter, petrolatum and glycerin. These ingredients work together to draw moisture to your skin and trap the water in your skin cells for a long-lasting boost to your skin's hydration.

Dermalogica Extra Rich FaceBlock SPF 30

Dermalogica's use of zinc oxide gives this lotion "excellent" sun protection, according to Begoun. She says it works well at moisturizing dry skin, and also includes "cell-communicating" ingredients and wrinkle-fighting antioxidants that can improve the overall health of your dehydrated skin. Moisturizing emollients include shea butter, rice bran, glycerin and jojoba oil while herbal extracts like algae extract inject more vitamins into the cream.

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