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5 Ways to Stop Ring Worm From Spreading

5 Ways to Stop Ring Worm From Spreading 5 Ways to Stop Ring Worm From Spreading 5 Ways to Stop Ring Worm From Spreading

1. Treat Your Pets

If you have ringworm, chances are, you got it from your pets. Go over your pet's fur and look for patches of dry skin with no hair. In cats, ringworm may show on the ears, making cats lose all the hair on their ears. Ringworm is a fungus that stays on the shed fur and can infect other animals and people. You have to treat pets because the ringworm fungus spreads on the shed fur. Your vet will recommend topical or oral treatments for the symptoms, but usually you just have to wait for the ringworm to run its course.

2. Clean Your House

Since the ringworm fungus spreads via fur and flaking skin, you'll have to make sure you're cleaning your house. Vacuum every day, making sure to clean any furniture your pet sits on or any curtains your pet rubs up against. Throw the bag out or empty the canister as soon as you're done. Wipe down any surfaces your pet comes in contact with. A light bleach solution will usually kill the spores.

3. Be Cautious With Your Towels, Sheets and Clothes

Ringworm easily spreads to others on towels and sheets. Make sure you're changing your sheets every day and washing them in hot water. Change towels every day and avoid sharing towels with other members of your household. You should also watch out for washcloths in the shower or bathtubs and make sure to change those every day too. Make sure you wash any clothes that come in contact with your ringworm, especially clothes you may not wash after every wearing such as jeans and jackets.

4. Cover Ringworm Lesions

If you or your child is in contact with other people, make sure you're covering your ringworm lesions. Contact often occurs during contact sports such as wrestling. A bandage to cover your lesions is all you need to stop ringworm from spreading.

5. Act Fast to Treat Ringworm

If you or someone in your house gets ringworm, contact your doctor about treatment. Usually treatment is as easy as an antifungal topical cream such as Monistat or Lotrimin. Sometimes doctors will recommend an oral treatment. Ringworm improves within about a week and clears up completely within 4 weeks. If it doesn't or a fever occurs with ringworm, contact your care provider immediately.

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