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The Best Hydrating Face Masks

The Best Hydrating Face Masks The Best Hydrating Face Masks The Best Hydrating Face Masks

What To Look For

In dry summer heat or harsh winter winds, the temperature outside can take its toll on delicate facial skin, making it feel dry, itchy, and even flakey. When a daily moisturizer just doesn't seem to do the trick, a hydrating face mask can deliver intense moisture to bring your face a healthy glow year-round. Look for a hydrating mask that is easy to apply, leaves no oily residue, is non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores) and leaves your skin feeling replenished and soft. A face mask with soothing agents, such as green tea, chamomile, or aloe will moisturize and reduce redness at the same time, and many face masks are tailored to specific skin types.

Common Pitfalls

Hydrating face masks should be free of harsh chemicals, bleaches, and strong fragrances which can further irritate and dry out the skin. If a face masque begins to sting after application, chances are that it contains alcohol or a plant derivative that is causing the discomfort. It's best to check the labels before you buy. If you don't recognize the ingredients, or you read alcohol as a main component of the mask, it's best to try it on the inner part of your wrist and wait 24 to 48 hours to see if any irritation has occurred before using on your face. A mask should never be used on skin exhibiting irriation or a rash, open sores or highly sensitive skin.

Where To Buy

Hydrating facial masks can be commonly found in your local drugstore, grocery store, beauty supply store, salon and spa, and high-end department stores. For difficult-to-find brands, an online search should point you to beauty supply stores which may even offer incentives and promotions, and recommend products for your skin type.


Though hydrating facial masks can vary in price from the most expensive department store brands to the more economical drugstore buys, any hydrating facial mask will give some level of moisture, so the price you are willing to pay is up to you. A hydrating face mask can vary in price from $8 at your neighborhood grocery store to $100 in a specialty beauty supply store or department store. The price will depend on the ingredients, brand and volume.

Comparison Shopping

Before investing in a costly face mask that may not deliver what you are looking for, check reviews of hydrating facial masks before purchasing them. An Internet search of "best hydrating face mask" will yield numerous posts and forums discussing the qualities and cons of various brands and formulas.

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