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Dry Outer Ears

Dry Outer Ears Dry Outer Ears


If you have dry, flaky skin on your outer ears, it's probably not a serious condition, according to the Dizziness and Balance website. Dry outer ears can be caused by a variety of factors and you have several options for treating dry skin on your ears at home. If the problem persists or causes discomfort, consider seeing your doctor to determine exactly why your outer ears are dry and determine a treatment plan that will help.


If you have dry skin on your outer ears, you'll notice old, flaky skin peeling off the surface. Your ears may also be itchy and red, according to the Dizziness and Balance website. In severe cases, the dry skin on your ears can become cracked and cause bleeding and pain.


Dry, flaky outer ears are often caused by a lack of earwax either due to over cleaning of the ears or a genetics. Skin conditions that cause dry skin can also affect the ears. Dry skin on your ears may be a sign of psoriasis, eczema or an allergic skin condition. Exposure to cold weather or sun could also cause the skin on your ears to become dry.


If you have dry outer ears, avoid cleaning them with cotton swabs, which can further remove earwax and dry out your skin. If you have a lack of earwax, you can put a few drops of vegetable oil in each ear every day or two to restore moisture. If you think you have an allergic skin condition, see your doctor. He can prescribe a topical steroid cream to alleviate your dry ear skin.


Avoid using hot water when you shower and apply a moisturizer to your dry ears after bathing to lock in moisture and prevent dry skin. Try not to expose your ears to too much direct sunlight to avoid drying out the skin. You can apply sunblock to your ears or wear a hat to prevent sun damage. Prevent your ears from becoming irritated by bathing less frequently and washing with plain water without soap.


You see a doctor if you don't experience an improvement in your dry outer ears after a few days of treatment at home with moisturizer. To avoid infection, it's important to see a doctor if your skin becomes cracked or starts to bleed. You may want to see a dermatologist for specialized care for your dry skin.

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