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Downsides of Benzoyl Peroxide

Downsides of Benzoyl Peroxide Downsides of Benzoyl Peroxide

There are many over the counter medications for the treatment of acne. These medications include lotions, gels, creams, and cleansers and etc.
These products may be dangerous for human health, you should be aware that anything you apply on your skin is also absorbed by your body and it reaches the blood vessels. When it mixes with blood, it destroys liver, kidneys and absorbs essential nutrients.

These synthetic chemicals such as Benzoyl peroxide worsen Acne Rosacea. Although it was considered safest synthetic over the counter remedy for acne, it revealed that it has very adverse effects, According to European Commission.

Benzoyl peroxide was first safest topical acne remedy widely used throughout the United States. When it is applied on the skin, some of its amount reaches the deep skin layers and mixes with blood. Benzoyl peroxide dissolves comedones and destroys bacterial colonies by oxidizing the bacterial proteins. Besides distortion of bacterial protein, it also destroys skin cells.

Most common adverse effects:

  • It makes extreme dryness and premature aging. Its continuous use is fatal for skin.
  • It can also cause irritation, burning and peeling of skin. Les than 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide in a formula is less drastic than more concentrated solution.
  • It may cause allergic effect called contact dermatitis.
  • It may discolor the hair and destroy their proteins.
  • Temporary skin discoloration is common.
  • During pregnancy, benzoyl peroxide should not be used as its safety has not been documented.
  • Breast feeding women should take special care, as the remedy may transfer to baby through milk. However, no documentation regarding its safety during breast feeding is available.
  • According to study performed on animal, it caused skin cancer when used over a year.
Due to these adverse reactions, European commission has banned its use in cosmetics and medications.However, benzoyl peroxide can be used for short-term treatment of mild acne.


  • Always read the label carefully before buying any cosmetic and medications that it may not contain benzoyl peroxide
  • If you have been used it for more than a year, do consult with your dermatologist for possible risks and their solutions.
  • Immediately cut-off its use, if you are using it without doctors supervision. But, before stopping its use, do consult with your physician first.
  • Instead of benzoyl peroxide, use green tea as it contains more active and harmful antioxidants.

Due to adverse effects of benzoyl peroxide, European commission has banned its use. It produced cancer in animal when used for a year long period. Thus, avoid its use and consult your dermatologist for possible alternatives.

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