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Dead Sea Minerals for Acne

Dead Sea Minerals for Acne Dead Sea Minerals for Acne Dead Sea Minerals for Acne

Lots of researches has been conducted to find out the permanent solution of acne. Scientist have found many vegetables, fruits, minerals and many other things which cure acne, dead sea minerals are one of them.

The Dead Sea, located between Jordan and Israel, is geographically the lowest place on earth at about 1200 feet below sea levels. The depth of the sea, unique solar radiation, high barometric pressure and the hot mineral springs located inside the sea all produce Thermo-Saline water (33% salts Vs 3% salts in ocean water) that is rich in life-giving minerals and therapeutic mud.

The Dead Sea salts and mud have therapeutic properties that are highly beneficial for healthy skin as well as medical conditions including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It is theorized that ions and high concentrations of minerals influence cellular growth and metabolism. The effects are far reaching as the skin is stimulated, nourished and well hydrated. The results are impressive with skin that feels softer and healthier. Thats why now a days it has been used in many cosmetics and skin treatments.

The salt and minerals found in Dead Sea products create cosmetics and spa therapies nonparallel to any other natural mineral sources. The minerals present in the Dead Sea have properties that include creating and promoting healthy cell regeneration, skin permeability and elasticity, moisture-retention and protection from allergies and infections. Medical research and many studies have proven the usefulness of Dead Sea mud and salts in treating and preventing diseases such as psoriasis, acne, and rheumatism.

Below is a list of important minerals of dead skin which cures acne:
It is essential for hormones involved in bone metabolism and for balancing levels of testosterone and estrogen, which causes acne. Boron deficiency symptoms include insomnia, muscle cramps, bone pain, backache, accentuated vitamin D deficiency, PMS, excessive menstrual cramping, and menopausal issues, which causes acne breakouts.
It heals and relieves many skin disorders including acne.
It is an important element in blood clotting, is vital for healing wounds and preventing infection, helps metabolize iron, aids metabolism in skin cells, helps decrease symptoms of PMS, and even plays a role in cleansing pores.
It is used as an antiseptic and sterilizer. Iodine also influences nerve and muscle function and nail, hair, skin, and tooth condition.
Some of its other benefits are in preventing kidney stones, promoting healthy adrenal glands, reducing plaque in the arteries, and helping to prevent osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, strokes, free radical formation, and acne. Potassium deficiency symptoms include nervous disorders, constipation, muscle spasms, poor reflexes, listlessness, hypertension, rapid heartbeat, hypoglycemia, acne, dry skin, and in extreme cases may result in respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.

From above information it is clear that dead sea minerals are not only good for skin but for your overall health. So if you can take some time out go for a swim in the summers.

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