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Tips on Pigmentation

Tips on Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the skin, usually in the form of splotchy patches on areas of the face or hands. Caused by the overproduction of melanin, dark pigmentation is not dangerous, but it can be unsightly. Whether you’re dealing with this problem or trying to prevent it, being proactive is the best thing to do.

Preventing It

The best thing you can do regarding pigmentation is prevent it from happening in the first place. Pigmentation occurs when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet, or UV, rays for long periods of time. This means both sunbathing outside and using tanning booths can affect the skin.

Staying out of the sun is the first step in protection. When you do go out, apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses and a hat. If you’re prone to pigmentation issues or freckles on your arms or neck, wear long sleeves and a scarf.

Treating It

If your skin is already showing signs of discoloration or darker pigmentation, your options vary from home-applied creams to more invasive medical treatments. Skin-lighteners can be bought over the counter, or you can ask your doctor for a prescription retinoid if your spots are very dark or cover a large area of your face or hands.

For pigmentation that doesn’t respond to home treatment, you might need to consider a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or laser therapy. Your doctor will help you decide which option is best depending on the condition of your skin.

Hiding It

If you can’t afford or aren’t ready to try something drastic, the next best thing is to hide the pigmentation. One option is to use a primer, a liquid base that is meant to be used under your regular makeup. Primers are thick and come in different tones, with a apricot-based primer being the best option for those trying to hide darkened skin, according to health and beauty website Daily Glow. If you use foundation, opt for a liquid one. Or try concealer, which you can apply just over the areas that need to be hidden.

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